Most horses and ponies take very well to side saddle and enjoy showing off their new found skills.

Welcome to The Side Saddle Association

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For many Members, the Side Saddle Rider of the Year Title, achieved by qualifying throughout the year and competing in the relevant classes at the National Side Saddle Show is the ultimate aim and pinnacle of their season. Congratulations to the following 2014 Side Saddle Riders of the Year:

Patron: Mrs. T.D. Holderness-Roddam, C.B.E., L.V.O.
President: Mrs. R.N. James

In 1974, Janet Macdonald and Valerie Francis wrote a letter to “Horse & Hound” hoping to gather a band of like-minded enthusiasts to keep alive a dying art.

From this, the “Side Saddle Association” was born and over the years has become respected throughout the UK and abroad, evolving into the Association we know today, with over 1200 members, including Junior and Overseas members.

The three day National Side Saddle Show is held in August, with classes open to all side saddle riders from the UK and Overseas. The Show also hosts The Side Saddle Association’s Equitation Championships.

If you have never ridden “side saddle” it is never too late to learn, you and your equine friend will feel elegant, poised and special!

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Last Updated: 30th September 2014